Join Kate Wise at BEAU for spirit forward cocktails, wine tastings, amaro flights, and vermouth seminars.  

Due to a serious love of Negronis, every Thursday is now Negroni Night! Let's go off menu and find your perfect combo!

Hosting or attending a barbecue? Need a bartender for your next event? Kate is available for cocktail consultations and catering!  Drop her a line!

Mark your calendars for Bee's Knees Week with Barr Hill Gin starting September 25th!



Beer & Cider

Available in cans.

Fancy & Obscure Wines

By the glass.

Vintage Cocktails

Proven Perfect

rye, antica, fernet

rye, compari, vermouth

gin, maraschino, orange bitters

compari, punt e mes, soda

Cava Cocktail
cava, bitters