BEAU is a prohibition era bar.

Join Kate Wise for spirit forward classics, wine tastings, amaro flights, and vermouth seminars.  

Due to a serious love of Negronis, every Thursday is now Negroni Night! Let's go off menu and find your perfect combo!

Memorial Day Weekend is just around the corner! Hosting or attending a barbecue? Not sure what to drink? Kate is available for cocktail consultations all week! Whether you need a punch, a signature cocktail or help pairing drinks with dinner, she's here to help you!

Out of town? Drop her a line at

And mark your calendars for Barr Hill Week starting May 23rd. We'll be featuring cocktails with Barr Hill Vodka, Gin and Tom Cat all week and Hallie from Barr Hill will be at the shop on Friday, May 26th from 4:00-7:00pm. She'll have samples as well as full bottles to sell straight from the shop!

We're also planning events with Zero Gravity, Alice & the Magician, Brio Coffee Works, Woodbelly Pizza, Green Mountain Distillers, Shacksbury Cider, Appalachian Gap Distillery, Stonecutter Spirits and more this summer so stay tuned!


Beer & Cider

Available in cans.

Fancy & Obscure Wines

By the glass.

Vintage Cocktails

Proven Perfect

rye, antica, fernet

rye, compari, vermouth

gin, maraschino, orange bitters

compari, punt e mes, soda

Cava Cocktail
cava, bitters